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After School Programs- SchoolHouse Chess after school programs are a great way for any level chess player to better their game. Appropriate for any level of player, the classes are fun and engaging and walk children through basic movements, key strategy, and advanced tactics. The children all receive a magnetic chessboard, a full color comic book and are given the opportunity to earn certificates and win ribbons and metals! This program is available at NO COST TO YOUR SCHOOL! Click here to bring SchoolHouse Chess to your school now!

Workshops- These schoolhouse chess lessons are tailored to your club or classroom. They include a half hour chess lesson relating to arts, foreign languages, history, or math. We also have a fun workshop for beginning players that use costumes and a giant chess set to learn the game! Click here to learn more about workshops.

Assemblies- Watch an official Schoolhouse Chess Master tell a fully costumed story about the crazy and fun characters of a far away chess kingdom. These assemblies are an interactive story that familiarizes children with the chess pieces through the use of performance. They are a fun and informative way of introducing our after school programs.

No SchoolHouse Chess at your school? Tell us about it!

Summer Camps- These summer camps are good for any level player but are focused on the students who have completed at least our basic course. Students will learn different versions of a timeless game and will further develop their personal skill level. Children are given fun and educational take home prizes every day and get to play on the giant chess set. They will also have the opportunity to compete in a tournament and a chance to win ribbons and medals! All children receive a certificate of completion on the last day. Click here to learn more about summer camps.

Chess Parties-A unique party that is great for birthdays, scout troops, church youth groups, etc. Base parties include the use of costumes, customized buttons, ribbons for tournament winners, a certificate of completion for each child and more! "Goody Bags" are also available for purchase. Parties can be upgraded to the "Royal Package" which includes everything in the base party plus the use of our Giant Chess set, medals instead of ribbons for tournament winners and more!
Click here to learn more about chess parties.

Special Events- Let us add a fun and educational twist to any special event! Our special event programs are exciting and easily adaptable to fit your specific needs. Customize our program from a list of fun options including prizes and give aways, tournaments, high energy interactive performances, and a giant chess set. We also have educational and entertaining items to donate to raffles for your event. Perfect for corporate events, community events, carnivals, math and science nights, and more!

Knight's Tour- Our amazing “Knight’s Tour Program” was designed in order to bring the SchoolHouse Chess experience to the entire student body. This program provides every child with hands-on Chess activities to foster their curiosity about one of the oldest games in history, all the while keeping Chess fun and exciting! This program is an excellent preparation tool for the new standardized math and science testing in the CCSD.

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